Friday, February 24, 2006

7 things

Blythe, tagged me. I have no one else to tag, so I'm just posting my answers. It was fun to think about.

Seven things to do before I die:
1) Have an art show.
2) Write a screenplay.
3) Skydive.
4) Marry the love of my life.
5) Have a baby.
6) Learn another new language.
7) Go to the Metropolitan museum of Art.

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1) Eat dairy (I love soy!).
2) Handle large pieces of raw meat (roasts,etc...).
3) Basic math without a calculator
4) Talk on the phone (i'm not very good at it, so i'm told).
5) Skateboard.
6) Go to sleep before 10:30pm
7) Breakdance.

Seven Things That would be Attractive in a Mate:
1) Willingness to live obediently for Christ.
2) Ability to appriciate and delight in my oddities.
3) Can be both serious and funny-you've got to be able to laugh together.
4) A true partner in life and ministry.
5) A good communicator.
6) Enjoys and participates in the arts (music, visual arts, etc...)
7) Can challenge me.

Seven Things I Say:
1) What's going on?
2) Do you love it? (inspired by gn)
3) There's got to be a spiritual analogy here...
4) I believe you.
5) That's understandable.
6) So...anyway.
7) No way!

Seven People Tagged:
All my seven seem to be taken too. Oh well...


alethea said...

Skydive! How brave!

Blythe Lane said...

I'm soy gal, too. At least, as far as my milk for cereal. I do love ice cream and don't think I could ever fully give dairy up. Is non-dairy just a personal preference or a health choice?

I want to write a screenplay too! I just never can come up with an idea that I think people would buy into...

Love all your "sevens"...