Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Professor and his wife

T-bone or "The Professor"

The crew (joy, b-wat, correnta, T & E)

Last night was a celebration of the long awaited job of T-bone & E's dreams. We went to their favorite steak house, Puffy's, in Maple Hill, Kansas. As we were sitting there eating great food and having lively conversation I realized how much I am going to miss these two. It's amazing how many memories we have shared over the years. I'm even getting a little sentimental just writing this. I'll miss Tuesday lunches, heart conversation, BBQ's together, playing games, cutting down Christmas trees, laughter, and just enjoying one another's company. I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends. I so excited for them, but will miss them being nearby.

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Anonymous said...

We will miss you too!! It's fun to think back over all the times we've enjoyed together. I am so thankful for you! E