Tuesday, May 29, 2007

quiet, please.

This morning I went for a long walk in the neighborhood. I needed some quiet. I've been feeling rather noisy lately. The noise is both external and internal. I walked, I came home didn't turn on the TV, and promptly told my husband all the things we needed to get done today. All of a sudden his life got a bit more noisy too as I spewed my internal noise at him. I suppose some of this is coming from all of the impending change. I find that under stress I have really weird reactions to things. I'm overly sensitive, I want to clean and get things 'in order', I am much more tired, I could go on and on. I know it's a need for control. I know the way I think sometimes harms me and others (usually my sweet husband). In the midst of all of this I feel the arms of the Father open wide and wanting me to find rest and quiet with Him. I want the quiet and the peace that comes from Him. I want to move closer into trusting that His arms are strong and tender. So today I'm asking for quiet, please.


Blythe Lane said...

I hesitate to disturb your quiet...but it's lovely to hear your thoughts here again. Hope to hear more.

The Bearded said...

Walks really are amazing. I often struggle to walk through the door after such a time only to find a tv waiting to greet me.

Silence and stillness are arts we have lost in our culture.