Monday, January 12, 2009

Woes of motherhood.

The cold I was hoping to 'beat' seemed to get more intense over the weekend. I don't have chronic sinus pain, but my heart goes out to those that do after 3 days of feeling like there is a knife going through my face. Sleeping has been a challenge because of drainage issues and then I start coughing, long story short, I don't sleep. Early on my pregnancy I got this list from the doc of medicines that are okay to use and over the last few day have glanced at it a few times. For some reason I just wasn't sure that these things were really okay. Last night after the 3rd night of not sleeping well, nearly choking on a cough drop, we finally decided I should take some cough medicine. In my mind I kept, thinking wow if I can't make it through this cold, how am I ever going to deliver a child? I felt like taking the medicine was 'giving in'. It was really so strange. My fear was that somehow this medicine that I might take once or twice might harm our child, though it is doctor approved. It made me wonder what all the things like this in the coming years I am going to experience with our child(ren). I want to trust God in the midst of my fears. I am so glad that he knows the things that concern me and He want to meet me right there. I want to meet him too. Oh, I did sleep much better.

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