Saturday, April 11, 2009


I now only have 10 weeks +/- left in my pregnancy. I am feeling bigger all the time and for the first time feel like my body really isn't my own. Our little girl is a mover and seems really active. I enjoy those feelings, though sometimes they are surprising and make me jump or gasp out loud. Last weekend I discovered my first small stretch mark and nearly freaked out! I just hoped I'd be one of those women whose skin was elastic and stayed supple and beautiful throughout pregnancy. I think I have come to terms with it now. I am thankful that I am still able to exercise and sleep through the night (minus the 3 times I wake up to go to the bathroom). Things in the nursery have come to a bit of a stand still. I can't figure out what to do for wall art/other decor. I'm thinking something in the pink family, but that is all I've got. I need some inspiration. I have made a bunch of burp rags for a friend that is having a baby. I made a sweet blanket for our little one. I have also made paper balls to hang above baby's bed (make shift mobile).

Blanket front and back

Burp Cloths pre-sewing

Paper Globes

I know the next 2 months are going to fly by. We have been taking birthing classes and enjoy learning what our options are for labor and delivery. It is always interesting to meet new people and we have 2 moms-t0-be expecting twins. Amazingly enough our instructor has a set of twins herself. It is really fun to take classes like this with B, he makes it a lot of fun. He has been such a great support to me throughout this pregnancy and I have no doubt that he will be amazing during labor. We are enjoying our first Easter here in town and are sharing a late lunch with some friends. I will be taking the famous strawberry spinach salad that I will post a recipe later for. Enjoy celebrating the resurrection today!


Gail said...

I loved this post--you have such a great eye for fabrics (and paper, too). I love the paper globes--how will you hang them? You could totally sell them on etsy. Yum, yum--strawberry salad. Love that recipe. We just had a big Easter dinner with neighbors and a few friends--wish we could've celebrated together! Love you!

Correnta said...

Those globes are AWESOME!!!! Only you girl...I love your creativity!
Miss you! (I'm coming up later this month to get my hair done by Judy...I'll call ya later)

Angela said...

Those really are great fabrics. You do have an eye for prints and colors. I love the burp cloths. So sweet. Your blanket is totally adorable. Where did you get all the fabrics? Did all those fabrics come from your sister? Do you know if/where she found them for a good deal? I want to look at fabrics and feel more creative, but the cost usually keeps me from it. Anyway, thanks for posting the pics. Very sweet. Only 10 weeks!

nat said...

I love the globes! Can you post instructions how to make those?

Michelle said...

Question on the burp cloths. Did you put fabric on the front and back or just one side? I bought the burp cloths and fabric yesterday and am excited for this project!'s WAY cheaper than buying burp cloths at the store!!

Jenni said...

Just one side. Send me your email address and I will send you a tutorial I wrote up for someone else on making these.