Monday, April 20, 2009

Paper Globe Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on making the paper globes that another blogger asked for. I must give credit to Heather Bailey and the free template I downloaded from her website. She really has great fabrics and cute ideas for handmade items from paper crafts to sewn items. Her patterns are so fresh and fun and after ordering some fabric myself, I know that you will get your fabric fast and have good service. Okay, on to the tutorial.
4-5 sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper
Circle cutter of some kind. I use Fiskars ultra shape xpress and a Fiskars template.
Surface to cut on: self healing mat or cutting board
Glue stick
Bone folder (optional)
Download template and instructions from Heather Bailey.

Step 1:

Decide the size of circles you want to cut (I would use one of the template sizes first). Cut 20 circles of the same size, different patterns of paper. I usually use 4 papers with 5 circles each.
With the template and cutter it is super fast. With scissors and tracing, super slow. Believe me, I have tried it.

Step 2:

Using the template and the bone folder or fingers fold the circle on 3 sides. This is step really requires a template if you eyeball it, it will be off and your globe won't assemble correctly. I say this because I've tried.

You will fold all 20 like this and have a pile of wonderful folded circles ready to glue together.

Step 3:

I like to assemble the top and bottom first and then the middle. You will use 5 circles for the top, 5 for the bottom and 10 for the middle. For the top and bottom you want to glue the points of the triangles together. This picture should help. You will glue the flaps together.

The middle is a bit more tricky. You will have a line of 10 circles/triangles. You want to alternate each one to make a line. I think this picture will explain a lot better. Then glue it into a circle.

Step 4:
Attach top and bottom to middle. Match up the pieces and glue it all together. It will be so rewarding. I stick the ribbon in before I glue the last piece. You have yourself a paper globe. You can put these on ribbon, on a stick (topiary), in a bowl. Wherever you so desire.

Finished Product:

When you download the template there are be instructions that are helpful as well. I hope you all have fun making these. If you really love them, but have NO desire to make them yourself I have 2 to give away. I will be giving them away (I will even ship them) to the first 2 people to leave a comment and tell me they want one. I would even consider making them for a small price if you have certain colors you want.


Gail said...

I love them--they look super complicated to make--so impressed!

Anonymous said...

If you do not use the template, you can calculate things up using simple math from high school:
l=length of each side of triangle
r=radius of circle
(sq root of 3)/2=sin 60*l/r

You can then make globes as big or as small as you want.
Hope this helps!