Wednesday, June 17, 2009

40 weeks

I humbly give you my 40 week picture.

I am closing in on my due date...Saturday. It seems unlikely that Chloe will make an appearance before then. I am starting to feel some discomforts, mostly just this feeling of her overtaking me. I will have a sonogram on Monday to see how much she possibly weighs (though there is a margin of error, it will give them a ball park). They mostly want to make sure she if we wait another week or two that she won't be over 10lbs-let's hope not! We are trying to avoid induction-for many reasons-but mostly right now because I am not a good candidate for it (not dilated). So we wait. I have been at the pool a lot and that feels really nice. No swelling, which is amazing given the crazy hot temperatures of late. Tonight when B and I went to eat Chinese food for dinner, I could barely fit in the booth. We had to move to a table. This was the first time I have actually felt like a big pregnant lady. I guess that is okay since I am almost to term. I really never thought I would get this big. We are just praying that she will come on her own. We can't wait to welcome her into this world!!


mkneuman said...

You look gorgeous. Yikes, I hope she's not over 10 lbs for your sake! Praying that she comes soon :)

carmen said...

You look beautiful, but more ready than ever! Come on, Chloe!

Jen S. said...

wow - I can't believe it's been 40 weeks. Best of luck to you and you look wonderful!