Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another post about what to post about

It seems like life right now revolves around feeding and sleeping schedules. I feel a little be more comfortable with that being the season of life our family is in. It does leave me not quite knowing what to blog about. I don't have any new recipes as it seems like a miracle when I can cook something at all. I could write and write lots about how cute Chloe is and how she is growing up like crazy, and I am sure I will. I guess maybe I have to come to terms with even my blog being about this season of my life too, motherhood. Several things that I have been enjoying are my morning walks with my friend, M and her 5 month old little girl. We try to go 4 days a week and walk about 3 miles. We have been going in the park, but last week walked the mall because the weather has been just gross. I hope to get some creativity back in my life somehow. If Chloe would nap in her crib that would help. Correction: If I would take the time to train her to nap in her crib that would help. Every day I tell myself, today is going to be the day and then 3:00 comes around and she is dozing in my arms and I enjoy that cuddle time with her. She might nap great in her crib now for all I know. Maybe tomorrow??? :). If you read all of that thanks, these are the things on my mind. Here is a cute picture of Chloe sporting her sunglasses. I can't get enough of this sweet child.

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Heather said...

I read it all! :) And I am cracking up that Chloe's sunglasses still have the sticker on them. Those are some cute sassy sunglasses - Love it!
Miss you friend.