Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hair Product Sale

Yesterday I happened by the JCPenney salon and saw an amazing sale on hair products, buy one get one for .88 cents. I use Redken, color extend which is a little pricey. I was able to get 2 large bottles for the price of one, it will last me a year! I think the sale goes through this week sometime, definitely worth calling your local store to see if they are running the same deal.

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Laura said...

Nice bargain hunting! I hit a sale at Babies R Us for cleaning products on Saturday (I know..wierd place for cleaning stuff). With the sale and my coupons I got a big bottle of cascade, mr.clean, sprayer of mr.clean, and huge bottle of dawn hand renewal dish detergent. When I checked out it was $4.49 for all of that! The check-out lady looked and said "This can't be right!" LOVE THAT!