Monday, December 21, 2009

Special days

Celebrating 3 years of marriage!
Brent and I celebrated by getting a babysitter and going out for dinner. It was our first big snow, but we ventured out despite the conditions. It was so great to be out with my hubby and just eat slowly and enjoy adult conversation. As it often happens when we are out to eat we had another unusual experience. As I was observing our surroundings in this small restaurant I quickly noticed a couple that appeared to be in a wedding gown and tux with some others along with them. Curiosity got the best of me and on my way back from the bathroom I stopped and asked if they had gotten married that day. They said yes and I told them it was our 3rd wedding anniversary. They congratulated us and told us they would like us to have some their wedding cake, we gladly accepted. Later we found out from the couple the crazy circumstances that led them to get married on a Tuesday, in the middle of a snow storm. Let's just say it involves a crazy ex-husband, lack of judges in Missouri, and 4 kids between the two of them. The cake was the best that either of us had ever had, such a nice surprise and a great memory.
You've come a long way baby!
Chloe turned 6 months today and she is cuter every day, I probably even say that every day. I do dote on her, as a mother should. She is weighing in at 17 lbs. and is 27 inches. Long and lean like her daddy. She really wants to move and is always coming up with ways to try and propel forward, though mostly unsuccessful at this point. She is so squirmy that sitting up is also a challenge. We have tried cereal, applesauce and sweet potatoes and she just isn't too interested yet. She is growing up as you can see in this comparison between month 1 and month 6.

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