Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Official

It is true, our house is on the market. We are selling our sweet house that my husband bought before we were married, the place our family began. I love this house. Brent has put some much into it and I am SO sad to leave it behind. We are headed to another job, one that we are excited about. Praying that the house sells in 3 months or less, so we can buy another home and get settled into a new community. Honestly, the changes are hard for me. I adapt well to change, but dread it. I have lots of worries and really don't know how to move with a 1 year old. LOTS to give to the Lord, I find myself frustrated WAY too often. I want to be filled with gratitude and hope. In the mean time I am trying to enjoy things I love about this great town (mostly all the people I love here). It is truly one of a kind. Here is a link to pictures of our home, I love it and hope someone else will too:). If you happen to know of anyone that is looking for a 3 bed 1 bath home with a huge backyard send them in my direction.

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Paprika said...

Did you get my email about a house buyer? Just curious if you tried to contact her.

Your house pictures look beautiful! Someone will be blessed to buy that home.