Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Guns and Booze

The three of us have been in Lincoln for the last week almost because our roof is being replaced. We decided it would be a good time to come check out some houses. My parents graciously are letting us stay in their AWESOME home, after some of the stuff we have seen it rocks! Sadly, they haven't been here and we have missed them a ton. I haven't lived in Nebraska for 12 years, so in getting ready to come back I am making some cultural observations along the way. We have looked at 10 houses in the last few days and we are exhausted, and haven't found 'the house' yet. What I have found out in being in 10 homes is that Guns and Booze are a centerpiece in many of these homes. Gun cabinets, gun racks, bows and arrows, and other hunting gear. Whole basements dedicated to a 'man caves'. The guns don't come alone. In most of these homes next to or near the guns are large amounts of hard liquor. That seems like a bad combination to me. I am not anti-alcohol, or guns (well sort of... you can have them, I just don't want to know about it). It was shocking to me for some reason. I grew up here, but this just seemed so foreign to me. Then I realized that I am not really a true Nebraskan. My parents are from Oklahoma and though I was raised here, as my husband stated it, I am a hybrid Nebraskan. I have lots to learn about this culture and the people we will be working with. A few years from now my guess is, you'll be more likely to see me wearing red than holding a rifle and taking a shot.


Brooke said...

i just laughed out loud and woke up jer at your "I don't care if you have guns...I just don't want to know about them"...AMEN!!

I didn't know you were a fellow..."keep that gun away from me!" gal.

I'm probably a little more strong in my dislike of guns...just nice to have someone in the same neighborhood :)

Melissa said...

I was shocked the day that I learned my extremely liberal uncle - who lives in Lincoln - owned multiple guns. However, I don't know where he stores them and I *do* know where they keep the booze ;)

You know, I have a feeling the same is also true in Kansas and Oklahoma, you just haven't been poking around much in strangers' homes :)

Gail said...

You're too funny! Come home soon!

Paprika said...

Glad you got some time to look around. I can't WAIT to see pictures of the place you end up buying!

Mendy said...

Brooke, Jenni, you are not alone. I too loathe guns, and don't really have any problem with alcohol, but have a problem with guns + alcohol. Pretty much I just have a problem with guns. Kirk once tried to have me shoot a tin can with a 22 (I don't really know what that is I'm just repeating what I heard him say). I started crying. Hahaha. Well I stand by my politics! I don't understand why it's crazy that I don't like things that hurt people and cute woodland animals! Hello, didn't anyone else see Bambi??