Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have never really liked waiting. I would say I am generally a woman of action. I like to get things done when I know they need to be done. Back in my school days when I knew a paper was due in a few weeks I would make sure it would be done about a week in advance. The pressure of waiting until the last minute drives me crazy (and creates low level anxiety). We put our house on the market and I was prepared to wait. Then we got 2 offers within 5 days of listing. We accepted one offer and moved forward, with an expected Aug. 2nd move. Last week we learned we needed a new roof. We were disappointed, but willing to replace it and continue on. With the replacement of the roof we raised the asking price a bit, because the value of the home increases with this improvement. We raised the price VERY little. They rejected our offer and counter-offered with something CRAZY. We passed, dissolving our contract and putting us back to square one. People looking in my closet, keeping things clean, etc... We are getting new roof and re-listing. Waiting on someone to buy, waiting to move, waiting to say goodbye, waiting to start our new job, waiting to look for a new house. I am trying, trying, trying to not freak out. To enjoy this time, to trust the Lord's timing. He has never failed me.


Melissa said...

Praying for you in the midst of all this waiting.

will said...

i know this is tough--we are praying for you.

aimee said...

arrrgghh - i know this waiting game so well! we've bought/sold/moved across the country three times in the last seven years, and living in that "i don't know" space can be so unsettling!

but i do have a little speck of good news for you - you won a doodleprint in the giveaway! let me know which one you'd like and i'll send it on its way! xo aimee