Sunday, October 24, 2010

Growing up

Chloe is 16 months now and is growing up! She is a vocabulary explosion. It is a lot of fun to hear her talking and figuring words out. I feel like she basically understands most of what I say. She loves kitties and calls them "mi-mi". It warms my heart because the nickname for cat in Chinese is "mi-mi". Love it. She will respond positively by saying, yeah or yesh (also reminds me of China). She is learning to say sorry when she throws something or hurts someones feelings. She will sign and say sorry and then give a kiss. She loves Elmo and Cookie Monster. Last week she had me spread out a blanket and then sat all her stuffed toys on the blanket and put her tea pot and cups out and fed the toys tea. She set up a tea party on her own! I don't know where she came up with that. It amazed me! That's Chloe's world (get the reference parents of toddlers:). Can't post about Chloe without some pictures. Oh and she had a hair milestone this week: Yah, ta da da! PIGTAILS!A bit uncertain about the pigtails
Now she likes them, so cute!Elmo and Cookie: these DVDs are awesome for kid her ageReally enjoys coloring!
Loves talking to her reflection in the bathtub!

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Gail said...

Oh, Chloe--you just get prettier and prettier! I love your pigtails! Give your mama a big hug for me!