Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th

Mostly spent time with family this 4th, and had a good friend (like family) from KS visit. We had a great time with Rachel. Lot of laughing and talking. Loved it. LOTS of AMAZING smoked meat from my dad. Pork Shoulder on Sunday night and Ribs on Monday. Delicious! Chloe doesn't seem to bothered by the fireworks, but later bed-times are wearing me out. Like an hour later, so it's not that big of deal:). I did get my Rachel and my sister hooked on Pinterest. If you don't know about it, beware it is seriously awesome and addictive. It is a virtual bulletin board or filing cabinet of ideas. You need an invite to join, let me know if you want one. My parent's neighbor had this cute Radio Flyer wagon. Had to get some shots with her in it. Happy Fourth!

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Sandie said...

I would love an invite to pinterest!