Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Colorado Vacay Pt.1

We just got back from a week-long vacation with most of my family to Colorado. We had such a great time! Sunday we drove out there and I had lots of fun things up my sleeve to occupy a 2 yr. old's attention. The thing that she loved the most was the Magnet board I made for her. I got a small cookie sheet from the Dollar Tree. A sheet of magnets from Hobby Lobby. I printed off the characters from websites. I did Yo Gabba Gabba!, Go, Diego, Go!, Dora, and Backyardigans. A lot of the shows have printables for paper dolls, etc..that I adapted and scaled before printing.I printed, cut and then cut out the magnets. I put each set in a ziplock bag and pulled new ones out from time to time. I also made grass, tree, sun, moon out of construction paper and magnets. This activity lasted HOURS. She loved it so much. That and her new 'I Spy' book. The trip went super quick, we took my nieces and nephew with us and met up with my parents once we were in the mountains. When Chloe saw the mountains for the first time she started clapping and said, "We made it".

The next day we planned to spend the morning up at Breckenridge peak8, which has a lot of activities for kids. The Gondola ride was free and a lot of fun.

The oldest 3 wanted to do the alpine slide. While we were waiting for my dad to get tickets the kids were playing on this pile of snow.Lots of kids were playing here, sliding down, throwing snowballs, enjoying the snow in the summertime. The youngest niece, Hillary, was coming down sliding on her feet (Glissading) and couldn't stop because of the incline and mud. She eventually tripped onto a bunch of rocks and the next 5 hours were spent caring for her injured little body. It was so scary. We didn't know if she was knocked out at first but ended up just having the wind knocked out of her. After asking a handful of employees we finally found first aid, and they sent us to the ER for stitches on her hand and a possible X-Ray. She ended up with 5 stitches on the palm of her hand. We waited for a long time in the ER because they had a lot of traumas at the same time we were there. She was so brave and I was so glad I could be there (her mom and dad were back in Omaha).
This was the picture I got of her before she lost control. Oh and while my dad and I were at First Aid with Hillary, Brent took Chloe on a pony ride. I guess she didn't like it too much. Horses were stinky.

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Mendy said...

What a great idea with the magnets!