Saturday, January 07, 2012

I haven't disappeared!

I haven't stopped this blog, just took about a month off. I just had gotten out of the habit of uploading photos. So here's to New Year's resolutions....HA! I am just kidding. NYR's kind of make me automatically feel like I have failed. If I am going to make some sort of change in my life I need to be inspired by something. For some people that is a calendar date, for me it is a "feeling" kind of thing. The last few months have felt kind of full. So much fun and family and a bit of travel. I have enjoyed seeing family and friends during this season. 

Chloe and I took a REALLY fast trip to Manhattan the beginning of December. It was super quick,  a little chaotic, but fun to see good friends and share a meal together. I got very few pictures and just quickly snapped this one of K and Chloe. K currently lives in Seattle, so it was a treat for them to play together. I think K inspired Chloe to slip into a princess dress for the first time. 

 This was our first snow (and last one as of Jan.8) 

We got  few inches and Brent built a tiny snowman for Chloe. We didn't have a carrot or charcoal, so we improvised and used peas, goldfish and chocolate chips. She was one happy girl!

 Christmas Eve 2011
 Christmas morning, discovering chocolate in her stocking!
 Santa brought Chloe some new shoes that she will actually wear without crying.
 A visit to K.City with cousins. They had a great time together!
 The weather was been SO beautiful that we spent 2 afternoons at the park.
 Back home and Chloe requested her very one princess dress. She since hasn't worn in because of the scratchy sleeves. This girl is SO picky about how things feel on her skin. I guess I was the same way as a kid, and kinda now too. I understand where she is coming from.

Hope all of you had a great Christmas celebrating Christ coming and living among us. 

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