Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Girls

The Big news around here is that we are having a Baby GIRL in July. I have waited to post anything on the blog because I felt so awful during the first trimester, then the gender reveal was just a month away. I must say that this pregnancy has been more challenging because I am chasing a busy 2.5 yr. old around. We were thrilled to see a healthy baby on the ultrasound and I was only mildly disappointed about it not being a boy. Most of the disappointment was selfish because I wanted to be able to make cute boy things, have a new experience, etc... All of those thing can and will happen with this little one too. I am beyond excited that all of Chloe's clothes will work for the new little one. They will be 3 yr. and 4 weeks apart, so seasons are the same. That is a huge provision for us financially! Now the name game. We had a heck of a time coming up with Chloe's name and I doubt this time will be much easier. I am always concerned about meaning of the name and Brent is concerned about how it sounds first. So I am going to start hitting up pinterest for some inspiration for fresh baby girl ideas. I am also starting to brainstorm some ideas of my own to share in this space. Chloe is terribly excited and keeps saying, "I can't wait to meet the new baby girl, I am SO excited." She has some things to learn between now and then, but will be a great big sister.


Carmen said...

Oh Jenni, this is such wonderful news! Congratulations!

R.W. Shipshape said...

AHH!! How fun--congrats!