Saturday, January 05, 2013

Christmas and 6 months

We had a great Christmas this year! We didn't travel at all and enjoyed spending time with both sides of the family. I think the whole season is more fun as the girls get older. Chloe enjoyed reading and re-telling the Christmas story time after time. Chloe wanted 3 things for Christmas: A little mermaid bath set, Ballet things, and a trampoline. She was a happy girl because my parents got her an indoor trampoline (which is 5ft wide and amazing) and the other things were in her stocking. Phoebe got a teething toy (Sofie the giraffe) in her stocking and seems to really love it:). The next week we had Brent's family in for the day and the cousin's had a blast together. We definitely need to see them more. 

She has the 'linebacker' pose down here:) Oh, those dimples!

 This is a typical interaction with these two.
 Chloe is so sweet, growing and changing with so much going on in that mind of hers.
 So much drool, no teeth yet.

This month has been really wonderful. Phoebe is starting to sit with support, rolling both ways, and pushing up. Now is sleeping in her crib all night (she was in a bassinet/chair previously). Brent took the lead to sleep train her last week and in 3 days she was happily snoozing away. He did an AMAZING job. He is SO good with babies. Phoebe is definitely laid back and just content to go with the flow. She is following suit with her sister and isn't the best napper, but sleeps great at night and is only getting up once really early in the morning to eat and then goes back to sleep. She seems more interested in food but adjusting to the consistency and half of it never gets in her mouth. She is a joy and I can't wait to see her stats at the doctor on Monday. She is edging out of her 6 and 9 month clothes, so I am guessing she is doing REAL good!

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