Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Artist

"There is no distinction between the artist and the person who has experienced God. No experiencer of God is not an artist."-Matthew Fox

I love this quote! I am reading a devotional called, "Space for God", filled with wonderful reflections, quotes, and artwork. The idea of being an Artist often brings with it feelings of what I am lacking. My figure drawing skills are not great, I can't draw a horse, I can't paint a still-life. So often this leaves me questioning my ability to create. If no one is noticing my creativity it feels like it isn't worth much. But is quote, has challenged me. God is THE ultimate Artist. Artist=Someone who has experienced God. The pressure of creating in a 'right' way is totally lifted. I don't have to create for the approval of others. I have always believed that everyone has some form of expression of art in their life. Even the most unlikely person has this desire to contribute, to put their mark on the world. The scientist and his/her formula, the knitter and weaving a scarf, the parent role playing with their child. I think about the creation story...God made us in HIS image...the very first thing that was on his heart was to create wonder out of nothing. Each time I create, I am honoring my Creator. I don't need to create for anyone else, I need to create because I was designed to. For his pleasure. Sure I might bless some others in the process. I also just might learn a lot about Jesus and myself as I do it.

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