Monday, August 29, 2005

Weekend away

I just got back from spending a weekend with 5 girlfriends. My friend's, husband gave her a weekend getaway with her closest friends to re-charge and 'start a new page with God'. It was incredibly thoughtful and blessed the rest of us too. We were in the middle of nowhere Kansas in this old restored stone barn. It was so quiet. The first night I was there after everyone had gone to sleep I went out to the deck and looked at the brightness of the stars against the black canvas of the night sky. It was beautifully clear. The moon was half and barely rounded. It looked like it was sketched into the darkness, as a beacon. I could just sit in moments like that forever. It was secure feeling and the presence of God was real. My mind and heart were clear to worship him and I just stood in adoration. There was a lot of intense dialoge with the other women, but I feel connected and ready to continue in the journey with these women, and fight their battles with them. Thanks, Brent Boutier for having such great insight to the needs of your wife, it benefited us all.

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Eminate said...

Another Star gazer! Keep on keeping on!

Hey, how did you get the word verification on your comments? Cause I just started getting blogger spam. A lot of it.