Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I watched the movie Luther last night in class for the first time. What a great film, more importantly a great story. Part of what we were suppose to look at was the relationship between Staupitz (spiritual director) and Luther. I saw qualities in Staupitz that showed me a lot about their relationship. He was sensitive to God's timing. He approached Luther at the exact right moment. He was attentive to the inner struggles in Luther. He had great vision for Luther and gave him direction toward that vision. He saw so much in Luther, and when needed he was bold in his direction. In class it was pointed out that Staupitz is always sending Luther out (toward a greater vision it seems). The thing that impressed me most about Staupitz as a spiritual director was how much he loved Luther. Luther seemed out of his mind from time to time and Staupitz stuck with him, saw beneath the surface and loved him. One thing I loved about this film was the picture painted of Katie, Luthers wife. She seemed to have an inner strength and confidence in God's truth. She wasn't afraid to confront Luther with the truth and pursued his heart in ways that no one else had. It was inspirational for me. This movie is such a wonderful example of living by faith, being willing to sacrifice for others knowing and believing the truth.

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