Friday, October 14, 2005


I've been having some strange and vivid dreams lately. I am usually an active dreamer, but over the last week I have had some crazy dreams. Everything from trying to dump dead bodies in the inner city to reliving college memories (except everyone had on helmets). I usually wonder what my dreams mean and those that I remember I think there must be a reason why. The college memories make sense, my sister and I were reminiscing about our college years last week. The dead body thing is just freaky. I guess there are things you just can't explain. I'll blame it on TV and movies. There have been times in my life when I have had 'prophetic dreams'. I've really dreamt things that have occurred (both literally and figuratively). I have even had dreams where people are asking me to pray for them. I love this sort of spiritual sensitivity. I think it can be from God, to guide me to pray and think about things. It even happens when I am not dreaming. In the last two weeks I have had specific leading to pray for people and/or situations. After communicating with these people it turns out it was a crucial time in their life. I'm reminded to pray even when I won't get to know the outcome. I wonder how many times I miss his promptings to pray and engage others because there is too much noise in my life. Noise from outside and within. I can so easily get wrapped up in my own needs that the voice of God is drowned out. This is why silence is so important to me. It isn't easy love people. I love talking, listening, and experiencing life with others. But 5 minutes of silence can bring so much into perspective. It is a discipline. It is disrupting sometimes, because it requires me to listen to the voice of God. To surrender, to obey. Yet, joy springs forth as I become re-aligned with my Makers voice and can move forth confidently in Him.


alethea said...

I'm paying attention to your Blog. It encourages me. I like to think God might just prompt you to pray for me too. What a gift that would be!

Jenny said...

Jenni, my Joy, you bless me. Praise God for instilling and nurturing in you a heart that is sensitive to Him and others. Your spiritual discipline is a pleasant aroma to Him and those lucky friends like me who are able to journey with you! I am trying to turn the noise down in my life. God's voice is often quiet, yet firm and persistent. I hope I can begin to hear it again. Thanks for sharing that hope.