Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I'm loving the blog today. I was reading some comments and thoughts left on my blog as well as others and felt so connected to all these women (jill, athena, blythe, correnta, alethea, larka) that are all in a similar life place as I am. I have really grown to love all of you in new ways through the blogspot. I don't have much else to blog about today, I'm just feeling grateful and excited to continue to learn from you and journey with you all.


Correnta said...

I love it too. I was just thinking yesterday how blessed I am to be a part of such a great community of people. I was reading everyone's blogs and comments and I thought, "How cool is it that I actually know these people in real life and get to see them in person and share life with them, and in the moments we can't be face to face we can catch up in this crazy Blog world... this coming from a person who is hesitant toward technology.
Anyway, I love ya!

Anonymous said...

By the way J, I see what you mean now and LV or seekingeternity is Resa Perlvak or just Resa. You girls are fun!

alethea said...

I'm so glad we are engaging as a blog community. I really enjoy you guys! You are right that we need more than just an internet community though. It simply reveals what I really long for is deeper than cyberspace...Give me a call sometime when you guys get together and I'll do the same. This is what we really need.