Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Post office conversations

I'm an eavesdropper. I love listening to peoples coversations. I feel like I gain insight into who people are, what they are like, what intrests them. Sometimes it is even like solving a mystery-who are they talking about, who is the person they are talking to (spouse, sibling, friend, stranger)? Today I went to the post office to do my monthly newsletter mailing routine. I had a student with me and as we were stuffing, stamping and licking envelopes I began to listen to the conversations that people were having in the post office. They were varied topics, some were related to what they were mailing, what they did for a job, where they were going next. I never really considered that going to the post office could be a great place to observe people and even meet someone new. I soon realized that just as many people were noticing me with all of my 66 letters to be sent. In fact, one older man said, "Now what are you doing mailing all those letters? Are you having a party?". I told him that it was for my job. He thought that was pretty strange. I think I have a cool job. I get to send 66 letters out each month about what is going on in my life and ministry. As I was thinking about all these brief conversations people were having I thought there was something kind os special about it, though sometimes those types of coversations can seem insignificant or shallow. I think there is something to 'post office conversations' that I can learn. I could probably use a lot more of these types of conversations, light and yet tell something important about another person or myself.

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Blythe Lane said...

An eavesdropper here, too! I think mine's a little more fleshly and not so spiritual -- I just like overhearing things. I need to pay attention to this more in my life...just for taking advantage of those windows of opportunities for His sake. Thanks for keeping this in my foresight.

It's official here -- B.A.S. :-) Don't think I'm going to do much to fight it either...