Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Skipping through life

Today was one of those, "I feel like skipping" days. It was about 70, the sun was shining, I was wearing a flirty skirt, it just made me want to take my shoes off and skip through the grass. I didn't ever do it, but I sure felt like it, which in some ways was enough for me. I guess I think if acted on all the urges like that I have I wouldn't ever get anything done. I know I need to take the time to 'skip' a little more. It makes me wonder what if life was just like the feeling of skipping all the time (with out ever getting out of breath). When things get hard, just skip a little. When you feel things you can't put into words, skip a little. It feels both playful and restful and I want to do more 'skipping through life'. Tommorrow's forcast: rain. Skipping through some puddle sure sounds like fun-maybe I'll act on that urge or at least think about it.

NOW FOR THE FUNNY PART: I was thinking how fun it would be to put an image of skipping on this post. What I came across thanks to google is something called I love sub-cultures, but this one cracked me up! Seriously funny, people dedicated to skipping. I'm still laughing about it. Because I'm one of those girls that finds spiritual analogies in everything I had to include this excerpt from the website:

Skipping and Spiritual Fitness

Just like yoga, skipping provides exercise for the body, mind, and spirit. While this web site talks about the benefits of all three, it is dedicated to the joyful spirit that skipping represents. Even more than promoting skipping itself, we are encouraging the practice of listening to what your spirit says and building the inner strength necessary to set it free. Skipping isn't for everyone. Getting out of our comfort zones for a momentary skipping escape takes guts. It is much more difficult than many realize. Our ego likes to feel in control and is afraid of what others will think. It says, "Are you crazy? Everyone will think you've lost it. You're going to annoy people with your joy."..and lots of other self-critical stuff. At the same time, our childlike spirits long to feel the liberation and freedom that skipping provides. When we can learn to simply observe our ego's fear and then choose to skip on despite it, we develop the spiritual strength necessary for inner peace. There's another powerful benefit of skipping which is that it adds joy and positive energy to the world. Seeing adults consumed by the joy of skipping sends a compelling message about the power of the spirit over fear. When you learn to turn off your logical mind and get lost in the spirit of skipping, it's like exercising a muscle that will help you deal with other fears. As external events become increasingly intense, that kind of inner strength will be more important than ever.

So there you have it. Skipping is spiritual, but don't count on me starting a local branch of skipping and spiritual direction.


Tim said...

Can I get an amen?

M.K. Lindsey said...

Aahh, the joy of skipping. What a great website! And how happy it made me that you felt like that yesterday. I think much of the Christian life is devoid of joy. Certainly not because that' how Jesus wants it. Somehow we have grown a Christian culture that is overly concerned with what's proper and appropriate. I don't like it much anymore. So, skip away. I'll even loan you my hula hoop!

Blythe Lane said...

I love this idea...maybe a little skipping will lighten the emotional dead weight currently in my life. Thanks for the post and some new thoughts to think on...

Skipper Kim said...


Did a blogger search and found your posting about my website and wanted to say hello and SKIP ON!! (If not literally, then at least metaphorically.)

Blessed be!

Kim Corbin