Thursday, March 30, 2006


It's thunderstorming today and I took full advantage of my newly found spiritual discipline, skipping:). I was in aggieville with girlfriends for lunch and the downpour started. We waited it out until there was a lull and made a break for it. The streets were so flooded we rolled our pants up, took our shoes off and ran through the street, I skipped. It was really fun and even more fun to be sharing this all with Correnta and E. As we were driving E back to work we saw students just playing in the rain, running through the streets, we even saw people laying in the flooded areas of the street. I made me laugh and brough joy to my heart.


Greg de Mello said...

This confirms my long standing conviction that you are absolutly and most definetly 'af-ya-heed' - hope that traslates into Kansas. A 'raving lonney' ; a 'nutter'. I mean that in with the best of intentions. To be honest its what I enjoy about you.
Also skipping has a massive benefit to your bones - impact helps your bones to become stronger and will prevent osteoperosis. Keep doing it though - at least 10 mins per day.

Anonymous said...

You are great! I was imagining getting really frustrated and then just going into a skip. Here is a sight that is eerily close to Creative Space:
I think I would change to more artsy and less crafty but it is pretty sweet!