Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spring Break Pt.1

The first part of my 'spring break' was spent in Buena Vista, Co with students that I work with. A 31/2 day retreat at a young life camp set on the side of a mountain looking down onto the valley below. The natural beauty was highlighted when it snowed the first night and all the trees the next morning were icy and dusted with snow. It was beautiful. The great thing about this retreat is that is was actually restful. We only had 2 sessions each day with a speaker, Dieter Zander. The mornings were for personal reflection time and we'd have brunch at 10:30am (did they plan this for me?), then free time in the afternoon as well. I was personally challenged by some things shared by Dieter. You can check his messages out on the ksu challenge podcast on itunes. I was able to spend a morning hiking/running/walking, in that order. I was surprised at how much the altitude took out of me. It was exhausting but well worth it. This is a picture of one trail I ventured up-beautiful.


Blythe Lane said...

Ah, yes. A spring break was more like an "advance." :-) Sounds like it was a refreshing, enjoyable time. Sorry to have missed you while I was in M-town.

mckenna said...

I was so excited for you when I heard that they served brunch each day...what a little Jenni taylored gift! :)