Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Inspire me Thursday

I recently stumbled across this cool artist challenge website, inspire me thursday. There is a new technique/style suggested every thursday. There are many artists that take part and share their new found inspirations and experimentations. I really like the idea, hopefully over the summer I can stretch myself artistically.
"mysterious" mixed media on canvas
joy hennin

Here is my first entry. This piece is titled, "mysterious". I was thinking about all these different parts of my life and how disconnected they can sometimes seem from each other. There are times when I just look at one segment, but forget that all the parts somehow fit together. The design is unique, colorful and complicated, as is life. I intentionally left many open spaces to remind me that much of my story (everyone's) is unwritten and that I may never know the whole picture or how it fits together. In the end, it will make sense. Until then, it's a bit mysterious.


shannonjyl said...

beautiful submission.
beautiful writting.

eriesargonaut said...

Great abstract. I love the disconnected parts and your interpretations of them.

Teri C said...

Reminds me of jumbled books on a shelf-just like life. Really nice job and welcome to IMT.

carla said...

Not only is this a great idea conceptually; it is also a visually lovely piece. I like the dark background and the feeling of a puzzle that fits together in its own way. Great job!

melanie komisarski said...

I often have the same thoughts about life and how the different bits fit together. You have done a great job of illustrating this concept! Welcome to Inspire Me Thursday -- thanks for participating!

Correnta said...

Hi Friend!
Can't wait to see this piece in person. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about what you created.
Looks great!

mckenna said...

Thanks for sharing this site and your work...beautiful! I am excited to check it out through out the summer!