Thursday, June 01, 2006


Two Tuesday's ago a group of friends went to the Royals game together. It has been years since I have gone to a game and my past experiences were memorable for things like having beer spilled on me or the weather being miserably cold. I can't say I had even a great understanding of the game until last week. All of my previous experiences were erased and the thought of going to a baseball game no longer sounds like misery after last weeks game. It was a mild evening, mid-80's, the sky was blue and the clouds were white and puffy. Sitting on my left were dear friends (one of which is especially passionate about baseball and was keeping score the 'old fashioned' way). On my right, was my sweet boyfriend, who was so patient in teaching me all I didn't know about the game. It was lots of fun, despite the fact that we didn't get back to town until 1 am. Boy, were we tired!

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Blythe Lane said...

Kansas City Royals games bring back memories of my childhood as well. My extended family were huge fans. Because of a most beloved young, hip aunt who had a thing for George Brett I had an fascination for him, too. Fun memories.