Monday, November 06, 2006


Over the course of the last 3 days I have given away many of my possessions. Part of me loves downsizing, and de-cluttering. The joy of giving is so much fun! My little town home that I so carefully arranged and made 'my own' is being dismantled. I loved creating this little space and part of me grieves leaving it behind. As I was thinking about this and talking about this with my wonderful fiance' I remembered that this place has evolved over time. Things have moved around, I tried lots of different things before I really settled in. I think that is what it might be like moving in with my husband-to-be will be like. I think for the first months of our marriage we will be settling into not only being married, but our living space. For two fairly independent and older people I'm anticipating some challenges. We both love and value each other, even in our stylistic differences. A few days ago, after talking about this he told me that he wanted to paint the bedroom, maybe even red. I asked what has gotten into him and he replied, "I'm marrying an artist." I really don't even care if the room is painted red or not, but his willingness to bring more color into our living space makes me feel so loved. I love you, sweetie!


annaelyse said...

it was fun transitioning with you yesterday! See ya in a couple weeks. :)

Resa said...

Hey Married girl, we need a little glimpse of your new life. I hear you have been having some fun and got your dad hooked on the wi. I will try and get going on that art book, sorry for the delay.

Tim Seley said...

so does transition mean no more blogging