Sunday, June 29, 2008


Which Chronicles of Narnia character are you most like?
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You scored as Lucy Pevensie

I have been reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I find myself continually connecting with the lessons that Lucy is learning, issues of trust she is grappling with, and faith she has in Aslan. It has been a healing book for me to read as in the past few weeks I have been journey through the loss of our child through miscarriage. It has been a very confusing and sad time in the lives of my husband and I. I randomly picked up the book, wanting a bit of escape from my intense world, but instead have found a deep sense of God's presence with me. I have been filled with hope when I have wondered what God is up to. I have found myself in tears and I have identified with the same root fears that Lucy's character is walking through. I have met Jesus through this novel many, many times. I decided to take the little quiz for fun and feel quite happy that I scored as Lucy.


R.W. Shipshape said...

It is refreshing to see how open you have been with your heartache. I'm sorry for your trouble but I'm so thankful that you can see out of it and that you are letting people in.

(It's Kelly, by the way).

Anonymous said...

Oh I peeked just in case you have been back to write. What a sweet picture. It makes me want to read the book. I am glad God has found his way through to meet you in a unique way.

annaelyse said...

jenni. i had no idea about your baby. thanks for the insight. i can't wait to hear more of what God is showing you in this time. love you!!!

Paprika said...

Love you - I am praying for you and Brent as you heal from this...b.t.w...I also scored as Lucy. :)

Matthew said...

I did not take the quiz, but I would feel a little weird if I scored as Lucy... :-)

Thanks for sharing about this. I am sad to hear the news, but am glad God is caring for you... He always does, doesn't He?

Tell your hubby hey for me.