Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July in Lincoln

We went to Lincoln for the 4th and had a great time with family. My parent's neighbors purchased about $400 of fireworks (many from missouri, if you know what i mean). It made for quite a show and several close calls from misfires. I tell you, it is amazing how quick a person can duck and cover. Here are some pictures from our adventures from the weekend.My nieces and nephews rock!
We played mini golf-my mom won!
The aftermath-that is $400 worth of explosives

Another humorous thing was as we were driving through marysville, ks I spotted this sign and just laughed out loud.


Rachel said...

Jenny I love the new look of your blog and that mini-golf is awesome! Who new that mini-golf could look artsy and cool?!? Such an eye for detail--I have driven through Marysville numerous time and even remember that sign, but never saw the typo. Very funny!

annaelyse said...

wow. those kids are getting SO big!!!

jkirlin said...

Now THAT is a 4th of July! I also dig the mini-golf image.

erin said...

all of those fireworks remind me of our wamego 4th of July experience