Monday, September 15, 2008


So, I hesitate to even write about the very thing that annoys me several times a day. But I am bombarded with spam from pedi-paws 3-5 messages a day. It is basically a fancy pet nail trimmer. I have no idea how my email address has gotten on their list. Just got another one. It makes me want to scream each time I get one of these spam messages. Does anyone else have this problem? Pedi-paws leave me alone! Just got another one.


Anonymous said...

Just as annoyed with the PediPaws spam. Deleted 40 or so in the last week. Seems like telebrands is responsible for marketing this. Should go to their office in NJ and slit the CEOs throat.

Mendy said...

at least you don't get male enhancement product emails...i haven't the foggiest idea why this happens to me!