Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall shopping woes

I have been having the itch to go shopping lately. I wouldn't characterize myself as someone who 'loves to shop'. I will leave that to my mom and sister. I have been wanting a few new fall pieces that are colorful and ethereal. So with this in mind, I went out today with my hubby (who is a very patient shopper). I encountered some of my usual shopping woes: the nightmare of trying on pants, liking things that would use up my clothing budget for the year, feeling exhausted after going to 2 stores, and self-image issues. Sigh....exhaustion ensued on this trip and I just wanted to go home and lay down. I came home totally empty handed. It made me kind of sad. I wonder if online shopping is a better option for me? I haven't done much of that. It sounds kind of fun. Has anyone had experience with shopping for clothes online? I'd love to hear from you. Here is a 'dream' outfit that I would put together and love to wear if $$$ weren't an issue. I would also add an obscenely expensive purse and accessories if I was really going crazy. Okay, I am drooling now.


Brooke said...

I love to shop online...well, i just love to shop period! Here are my reasons to shop get to try on your tops with pants you already own or see how your pants look with shoes you already own etc... I feel like dressing rooms make me look crappy, so being at home in good light is always good. i remember reading somewhere to make sure and have good make-up on when you shop so you will feel good when you try things I always slather on the lipstick before trying on clothes :)

The downside to online shopping...shipping. Target and Oldnavy/Gap usually have either free shipping or cheap shipping. Just make sure you can return the items to a store.

Okay there is my 2 cents.. love you and happy shopping!

carmen said...

I agree with Brooke...I prefer online shopping. I suffer from many of the same issues you mentioned when I'm at the mall, and I leave tired and discouraged. I love to get a big package of clothes in the mail and then try them on with things I already own, in the comfort of my home. I usually end up taking many things back, but it's generally still a better experience.

Cute ensemble by the way. I can totally see you in it!

R.W. Shipshape said...

Ooo, perhaps I should expand to the online world (Brooke and Carmen had some good points).

First off, complementary colors like mustard and plum are to die for! Second off, flouncy float-away tops and structure jackets make me feel uber cute. Third off, you can never go wrong with a dark denim trouser. And fourth off, Stacy and Clinton (and Kelly and Jenny) are very pleased and pumped for Fall with these clothing choices.

Keely said...

Im a trier oner, but I love this, go for it!

Mendy said...

i always look better in the dressing room than when i get home! wierd.

um, the purple high heels...old navy has some great purple high heels right now (i bought a pair...i know, you're trying to imagine what i would wear heels with! t-shirt and jeans? cause that's pretty much all i own!). anyway, i bet you'll like them. i bought up a half size (normally wear 7 1/2 but purchased 8 because they don't have half sizes) and they fit fine. ok comfort-wise too.

melissa said...

LOVE the outfit you created! Purple shoes are very in this season. Something started in Italy...I don't know. Who ever knows. Point: you're hip.