Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have been tagged by Mandy. Six random things about myself. So here I go.

1.Samantha Who? Just caught up on the first season via DVD in a flurry. I love so much about this show. It's funny, the things she wrestles with are questions we all have about who we are, and her clothes. I love her clothes! It's a half-hour show so on DVD or Tivo it is only a 20 minute time commitment (that is if you can just watch one, which I can't).

2.Magazines. I love them. I think it is the small bits of information you can get in one publication. It really keeps me interested and I can just read the things that interest me and go back later and read more.

3.I hate raisins and nuts in baked goods. The texture of these two things really change when you put them in batter and bake them. It grosses me out. I do like raisins and nuts in other contexts, trail mix, salads, a handful from the pantry. A possible inconsistency to this is that I really like craisins in cookies.

4.The last time I traveled I almost had a panic attack on the plane and while going over a scary looking bridge. It was the first time this had ever happened to me. I am not sure why.

5.I have been looking for a pair of black flats for 3 months. I can't find a pair I like (at the right price), I have probably looked at hundreds of pairs of black shoes to no avail. Also, I love peep toe shoes, but my left big toe was broken so when I wear them it looks like I am flipping someone off with my 2nd toe.

6. My paternal grandmother, my sister and myself do not have a gag reflex. Which means that throwing up in darned near impossible. It also means that I could be one of those sword swallowing carnies if I wanted to.

I am not going to tag anyone, but it was really fun to do. If you are so inclined you can tag yourself and say I tagged you.

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Mendy said...

oh my gosh, i don't have a gag reflex either! i can count on 1 finger the number of times i have thrown up in the last 17 years (no lie...once since i was 12!).

i also hate raisins and nuts in baked goods but like them with salads and raw.

i am never able to find a pair of simple, casual-dress shoes, so i just end up wearing tennis shoes or flip flops from shear frustration.

i also love to watch Samantha Who? i had the exact same thoughts: the show brings up a lot of issues that we all grapple with.

i wonder what else we have in common?!