Sunday, October 26, 2008


My husband is amazing! I'm telling you I keep getting surprised and humbled by the ways that he serves me. When I am tired and overwhelmed he gives me perspective. Today was one of those days that I was just exhausted and thinking about the upcoming week just made me feel like sobbing. I was cranky and probably a bit bitchy. Mostly, it is all the expectations I put on myself. Those feelings that I should be super-wife or something. Making sure all the meals are planned, groceries are bought, laundry done, floors scrubbed with a toothbrush. Wait, I never scrub with a toothbrush, but somewhere in my head it seems like a virtuous quality of a wife. My sweet, observant and pursuing husband noticed my angst and really entered into it. He offered to go to the grocery store, pick out meals for the week, and was really happy to do so. I sometimes struggle with receiving help and so we compromised and went together. He did all the hard work of deciding what we would eat. He picked the meat, that's his thing. It was just a relief not doing that alone today and I felt released to not feel like I have to. After all of that, he came home and emptied out the fridge (with some really nasty stuff in it) and unloaded the groceries, loaded and started the dishwasher. Today I have been piled with grace upon grace. I am so thankful!!


Anonymous said...

Tell Brent that he needs to come over to my house next! Those are all hanging over my head, too! Miss you, Jenni! Did you have fun in KC?

Paprika said...

I've never once used a toothbrush on my floor. In fact, it's been quite a long while since I even scrubbed it at all!! I've been thinking about you lots lately...miss you!

Anonymous said...
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