Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Fuminator and other tails

I discovered a wonderful tool. I had seen the furminator in ads and in dog stores, but had never wanted to put down the $. My hubby found a great deal this week and ordered it online. We got it in the mail today and I used it on my dogs. It's claim to fame is that it decreases shedding and gets rid of the undercoat of long haired dogs. It worked wonders on Charlie (Chuck, Crazy, Charles Barkley...).

Charlie-not photogenic, but sheds a lot!
I brushed him and out came about a target bag worth of hair, I'm not kidding. It just kept coming out. I was so excited that all of that hair wasn't going to be on my floors! I am going to do it again tomorrow. I also tried it on Nigel, a less willing participant and it wasn't quite as productive, but that could be due to his excessive squirminess. Speaking of Nigel.
Nigel-loves the camera, escape artist extraordinaire
We sent Nigel to a friends house (backyard) for several days while we travelled to my parents house. He did quite well we were told until the last night. We got back late evening and B went to pick the big guy up, the dog-sitters weren't home so he didn't bring Nigel home. We figured we would pick him up in the morning. B got a call about 7 am saying that someone had found our dog on their front porch. Nigel had escaped. B went to pick him up and he found Nigel sitting on the porch with a 8 year old girl hugging his neck. Apparently, they found him, let him into their house where he sniffed around and sat on their couch. This family just thought he was so sweet and said they would love to dog-sit if we ever needed someone. It seems that he had learned how to open the gate of the fence. If you know Nigel you will know that he is about 100 lbs of Irish wolfhound and lab. The very thought of him coming into our house is terrifying-we just imagine that his tail would knock down everything in sight. But, apparently our fur face likes couches and cuddles. It just makes me smile and a bit more sympathetic to letting him inside:).

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Erin said...

Oh Nigel!!! I still have a soft spot in my heart for him. I was looking through some pictures the other day and noticed that Nigel is in the picture we took when we brought home our first Christmas tree.