Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Project Haiti

Saturday we had the joy of helping load a 40 foot shipping container with clothes, shoes, food and medical supplies to go to Haiti by boat. This vision was born from a wonderful woman in our small group. She is inspirational and full of faith. She organizes groups of doctors, surgeons, nurses and others to go to Haiti several times a year. There is a clinic there that provides medical assistance for the Haitian people. It is such a wonderful project that continues to inspire people, get people involved in serving others and sharing Christ with a lost nation. It was beautiful to see all those that donated. People gave just about everything, from a $25,000 anesthesia machine, 3,000 pairs of shoes from Payless, to rice, beans and flip-flops. All of these things given with love and a hope that the love of Christ would touch the recipients of these things.Just learned last night that anesthesia machine was worth $70,000! Wow!

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melissa said...

it's incredible to hear how that turned out. what generosity!