Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dinner time

Since we work mainly in the evenings I find that making a decent supper is very challenging. Mondays, I am working 5-10, Tuesdays 5-8, Wednesdays are a bit better but B has a 5:30, and we have small group at church at 7. Thus giving us a 15 minute window to eat. It is crazy. I've never been much of a think ahead person so some nights we end up eating really late, picking up the Taco Bell/Wendy's combo (I get TB, he gets Wendy's), or heating up canned soup. It sounds even more pathetic as I am writing. I'm getting a bit tired of it. I miss sitting down for dinner with our little family. I have tried the crockpot thing, maybe I just need more recipes-would love some if you have them. Freezing dinners sounds like a lot of planning ahead. Am I going to have to surrender my cooking spontenaity for a plan because of our schedule? Does anyone out there have creative solutions to this problem? On another note, I am thinking of doing another contest/giveaway soon. Keep on the lookout.


Rachel said...

no words of wisdom, but i do have total sympathy. i hate planning out menus for the week. i would much rather create meals spontaneously-there is more adventure in it that way!

Angela said...

hmmm.... so much to say... spontaneity... overrated. ;) i love planning what we'll have for dinners. i actually find that you might be more creative because you'll tend to have more variety in your diet if you're thinking about what exciting dishes you'll have this week before you go to the grocery store--i.e. not just buy the same stuff. i've got some recipes for some pretty simple things that you could make ahead... i'd be happy to share those. even on the thursdays when i only have 30 mins with Will, i've been making dinner and taking it to him... it's like our weekly picnic. but, i understand that you don't have time before hand most days. i'd love to share recipes or ideas with you. i love home-cooked variety in my diet and i believe my body loves me for it. i don't want you to eat taco bell every week, either... well, rather than write another blogpost in your comment block... we'll talk later...

Lindsey said...

I got one. Super easy and not at all good for you, but you can tweak a bit to make it healthier:

chicken breasts, cleaned/rinsed (as many as you want...leftovers are great)
3 cans cr of mushrooms
2 cups sour cream (light) OR plain, nonfat yogurt...trust me!
sauteed 1/2 onion OR minced/dried onion
garlic powder (or fresh garlic)
1/4-1/2 tsp red pepper...if you like it "kicky"
salt and pepper
throw in a handful of sliced shrooms too...
sometimes I put some dashes of balsamic in there...a little extra zing.
place chicken in bottom of crockpot
mix all other ingredients and pour on top.
cook 2 hours on 350/high heat (depending on your crocker's settings)
serve over brown rice
Lemme know if you need clarification and I can post it somewhere other than a comment.

Paprika said...

I plan my meals ahead and actually still feel really creative with it. I still throw in a spontaneous one every once in a while, too. I'm always up for a good recipe swap. Or....I've even been interested in doing a dinner swap. I.E. everyone make several of one kind of dish, then we all meet and swap!

Michelle said...

I have a recipe similar to Lindsey's (which I'm definitely going to try). It's called Chicken Stroganoff and it's actually a weight watchers recipe:

Place 1 lb. FROZEN chicken breasts or tenderloins in crockpot.

Mix together the following and pour over frozen chicken breasts: 1can cream of mushroom soup, 16 oz. sour cream, one packet of dry onion soup mix.

Cook on low all day. If you find that you love the sauce and want more, like we do, just double the recipe. Serve over egg noodles.