Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas: the possum and two dead deer

We had a great time in Lincoln with my side of the family. We did the traditional Christmas eve service, which was really nice. We had a Christmas meal that began with us singing Joy to the World as a family. My nieces and nephew are great to watch opening gifts, they are really great kids. The rest of the time was pretty low key and we enjoyed doing things like playing guitar hero that Santa brought my brother in law. The kids put on a Christmas program that was so great and I wish I had a video of it. It was a choreographed number to the song, when the snow comes down in tinsel town. It was great.
An interesting thing about where my parents live is that there always seems to be neighborhood drama. It has been that way since I can remember. The stories are varied, equally strange and often times unbelievable. But they continue to happen. This year it started with the possum that appeared Christmas night. B spotted it out the window and then the kids proceeded to freak out. My dad tried to chase it down and the dogs were going nuts!!!
The following day we were sitting watching TV in my parents sitting room and my sister asks what is that neighbors dog eating? I immediately thought it was the possum. She looked out the sliding doors and said it's bigger than that. Then she exclaimed, "It's a deer." Yep. The house behind my parents had not one, but two dead deer laying in their backyard. We were all terribly grossed out. So much so that we had to get the binoculars out to get a closer look (pretty common occurrence when strange things go down in da' hood). Apparently one deer had been there for over 2 weeks. As it normally happens my mom said, "That must be against a city code, who should I call?" After some discussion she decided to call animal control. She explained the situation and they told her that someone would come and remove the dead animals. Sometime late in the afternoon they were removed and we all laughed at how random the whole scene was. I even got a couple of shots (pardon the pun) before they were taken away.


Paprika said...

Are you serious?? I can just picture you all out with the it!

Mendy said...

that is so gross! who keeps dead deer in their backyard??? i can just picture kids crying, everyone huddled around the window making noises of

Angela said...

okay, this is hilarious! what do you think was soaking in the sink when we walked in to my parents house? a deer leg! at my parents house over Christmas, we enjoyed the best fried deer for dinner one night. my dad fried it with apples and onions. it was amazing. he was so proud. and, what do you think was also hanging in the backyard waiting to be chopped up to send home with us? yup. more deer! my dad even sliced his hand open on Christmas Eve in his hurried attempt to send some home with us! Ha, my parents are your parents' crazy neighbors!