Saturday, December 20, 2008

What to do?

The next few weeks I will be on break from work and have been thinking about what to do with my time (other than visit family). This week B and myself (mostly B) completed a 2000 piece puzzle. He is freakishly good at puzzles. We may start another one this week. We are on the hunt for the Jingle Bell Rock this week too. I have a novel that I started this summer that I would like to finish and of course there is art *deep sigh*. This is something that I really desire to do, but never seem to make time for it. That begs the question-do I really desire to? Not sure. I just know that I want to want to create. I have enjoyed the yearly creative process that comes with wrapping gifts. It is so much fun. Every gift is like a blank canvas. I think about the person the gift is going to, the supplies I have and the process begins. I am always so proud of the gifts I wrap. I think that part of what I am giving is in the presentation. I am hopeful that this process has triggered my artistic side. For now, I am just thankful that I loved doing this for those that I love. I am hoping that I make time to connect with people that I don't normally get to see. I want to go to the library and check out baby name books and other pregnancy resources (any suggestions?). I'd love to curl up and sip hot drinks with my hubby and watch movies. Love that. Hope this finds you well. I would love to share some of my break with you if you are around.


Gail said...

Jenni--these gifts look amazing! You'd laugh if you saw mine--only a few of them even have a bow on them. I wrap them in masses and as long as they're covered, it works! I always love to get beautifully wrapped gifts, though! I'd love to see you and your hubby over the break--we're here till Wed am, then back the next Tues. Love ya!

Paprika said...

I think your gifts always look so beautiful. Very creative, indeed. We are looking forward to some hang-out time over your break.