Monday, January 26, 2009


It has been a full 2 weeks in our home. 2 weekends ago we were in North Carolina where B married some good friends. He did an amazing job (as usual). The traveling part of the trip was not so fun. In fact, we missed the rehearsal due to 'technical' problems. Translation: stupidity on the part of the airline. Because of one delay we missed our connecting flight and sat in the Cinncinati airport for 4+ hours. We did score a free meal out of the deal (not much compensation if you ask me). I was on the phone with my mom who loves figuring this stuff out and she still thinks we could a free ticket or $ because of the delay. I'm not sure I want to put that much energy into it. We were able to make it at about 10 pm that night and B even got to go to the Bachelor party for a while. The wedding was beautiful, the reception extravagant. I didn't take many pictures, just wasn't feeling it. This is a picture of B and the groom. It was incredibly cold-the coldest it had been there since 2000.

We crashed when we got home and I was able to have some fun creative time last monday. My friends asked me to take some family pictures of them and it was a beautiful day so we went out to the Konza and magic insued. I think it was the color of the sky, the wheat, the little baby girl that was in such a great mood, the couple who are beautiful, that made it a great experience. My hubby acted as my lovely assistant getting smiles from the little one. Here are some of my favorites. The colors aren't nearly as bright when I download them into blogger.

This last weekend we went to Nebraska to speak at a Christian Challenge winter retreat. We were at a camp in rural NE with about 30 students. It was B and I's first time at 'retreat speakers' and thought nerve-wracking at times I think it went okay. I say okay because I am a tough critic of myself. B says I did great, but I wasn't thrilled about how my session went. I had a coughing fit during part of it and felt kind of distracted some of the time. I do feel I said what God was leading me to say, so in that way I'm sure it was what it needed to be. We got back to Manhattan at 5:30pm last night and we both felt like zombies. No more travel for awhile.


carmen said...

Great to read some thoughts from you! Beautiful photos! Miss you.

Rachel said...

I got to see the full set of pictures you took for Spicers--they are amazing! Looking forward to seeing you on a more regular basis again.

Angela Spicer said...

Aw, so nice. Thanks for the nice words about us... and, of course, for the pictures. Love you!

R.W. Shipshape said...

These photos are fab. Crisp blues, golden yellows and big smiles!

Marie said...

I read your post about cold medicine and had to tell you that I called my midwife in tears at 12 am the other night because I took some Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom (I had been taking it a few different times). I saw on the internet that it could apparently be dangerous and flipped out. She chuckled at me and said it was just fine. I just wanted you to know that you're not the only one!