Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Delta comes through.

I decided this afternoon to give Delta a call regarding our airline incident 2 weekends ago. I tried to explain myself well and be pleasant. I called up customer care and after only a few minutes was talking to someone, telling them what happened. I also told the woman that after reading the contract of carriage (basically a legal document telling you what they will and won't do) that I thought we might not have gotten some compensation that we were due. After a few minutes she looked into our flight and we should each be getting $100.00 vouchers for a future flight. I felt pretty glad about making the call and heeding my mom's advice on still trying to get something from the experience.

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Mkricheson said...

Hi Jenni-- Just had to comment on your 25 things. I love this current "tag" that's been going around. You learn the most interesting things about people -- strange little things you might not discover over a decade of intermittent contact. Thus the name 25 "random" things, I guess.

Just wanted to say:
1. Hi!
2. I've alwasy loved your thumbs.
3. Wish I could have seen your brave, bold BAD lip-sync. As a matter of fact, if I close my eyes and just think about it a second, I think I CAN see it! It's so THOROUGHLY you!
4. I'm very excited for baby Watson to make her appearance. So happy for you!