Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Twenty-Five Random things

Straight from Facebook-gotta love the multi-task on this one.

ONE: I started this and made it to about 10, hit save, it didn't save. I am starting over.

TWO: I am scared of large groups of birds. Thanks Alfred Hitchcock.

THREE: I love reality TV current favs are: The Bachelor (guilty pleasure), The Biggest Loser (oh, joelle!), The Amazing Race (starting a new season soon).

FOUR: When I lived in China I was given a cat for a birthday gift. I was scared of cats. I named him Boaz (we had some amazing adventures). I am still a bit nervous around felines.

FIVE: I am often making random conversation with complete strangers.

SIX: I am a notorious eavesdropper. I try not too. I just have the capacity to follow to 2-3 conversations that are happening at the same time.

SEVEN: I love games. Current fav: Ticket to Ride, come over and let's play!

EIGHT: My thumbs look like toes-I have learned to embrace them.

NINE: I am always thinking outside the box about how to get a good deal. You'd be shocked what you can get if you just ask.

TEN: Game show bloopers crack me up! So do Headlines with Jay Leno.

ELEVEN: Brent and I have started recycling and have cut our trash service down to 2x a month and only send off 4 trash bags in a month. Amazing!

TWELVE: Brent is outside trying to fix our car's bumper that is jacked-not sure how it happened.

THIRTEEN: Wo hui shuo zhong wen. (I can speak Mandarin, Chinese)

FOURTEEN: I only want 2 kids. The only way I see this changing is if our second pregnancy is twins.

FIFTEEN: I am a blog addict. There, I said it. The blogosphere could keep me entertained for days.

SIXTEEN: I failed my first driving test at age 16. I guess I failed it as I was leaving the parking lot. Left turn out of a right hand lane=automatic fail. Passed the second time.

SEVENTEEN: I have NEVER had a cavity.

EIGHTEEN: I love blankets-when I am at home I always like one in any season.

NINETEEN: I love art museums.

TWENTY: Some of my favorite art I have produced has been for other people.

TWENTY-ONE: I lip-sync'ed to Amy Grant's "Find a Way" in 4th grade. I created a choreographed dance to go along with it. I wore a poka-dot top (low cut in the back) and pink shorts. I'm glad that no one had a camcorder. It was brave. It was bold. It was BAD.

TWENTY-TWO: I think Canada is great.

TWENTY-THREE: I have started to feel baby girl moving.

TWENTY-FOUR: I enjoy drinking hot water.

TWENTY-FIVE: I am so grateful for God providing Brent as my husband. He is a wonderful, supportive, tender, God-loving man. I am filled with joy about this miracle every day.


annaelyse said...

i think 24 is my fave. i have to explain my LOVE of hot water to everyone i encounter. they find it really amusing and don't really understand...and i love that i knew a lot of these already! love you!

R.W. Shipshape said...

I love game show bloopers, too. One of my favorites is from Family Feud.

The question: Name something you feel before you buy it.

His answer was not towels, a sweater, fruit, etc. His answer was : "Excited"

He feels excited before he buys it! So hilarious.