Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prayer for Cora

I have been saddened and burdened, like many of you, for Baby Cora who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer this week. I have been amazed at the network of prayer that has emerged from people around the world blogging. I have no doubt that Cora and her parents are being covered during this horrible time of shock and grief. Joel and Jess were students at KSU during my time on staff with Challenge. She is close friends with many of my dear friends. If you want to stay updated to pray and pray some more here are a couple of blogs to look at: and

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joelnjen said...

wow...i just cried my eyes out reading the McClenahans blogspot. What a reminder of how precious life is and that we shouldn't take one day of it for granted... Praying for this precious little girl and her family. We serve a powerful God who heals.