Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Jenni needs to..."

A little funny facebook thingy that I did for fun this afternoon. It really cracked me up.

Here's what you do:
A. Go to Google
B. Type your name and "needs to" all in quotation marks. (e.g. "Fred needs to")
C. Report back on the first ten things that come up for your name.

1. Jenni needs to be there to liven it up and to be Miss Cheeky.
2. Jenni needs to look into it.
3. Jenni needs to be a little more responsible and not provoke and condone violence.
4. Jenni needs to see this. And maybe it will remind her to hurry up and record that new one.
5. Jenni needs to learn to be more alluring.
6. Jenni needs to win the free trackday Everything Bike.
7. Jenni needs to turn 1 more or gain 2 more Slayer points to reach the next level.
8. Jenni needs to be able to sort through some things, without being around Jeff Lewis, breathing down her back.
9. Jenni needs to arrange the hotel this week, so if you still haven't got your forms in, please do it today!
10.Jenni needs to dress, groom, bathe, toilet, eat...

I can really relate to #3 , #7, and #10-HA!

Try it, it is pretty funny.

1 comment:

Correnta said...

Ok #8 cracks me UP! B/C isn't Jeff Lewis the missions guy who is a FOL?