Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

The week flew by. My hubby worked SO hard to complete the baby room transformation/office transition. My parents were here for 2 days helping too. My dad did a lot of the furniture moving. Here is a short list of what was done:
A new closet door installed
Room painted (2 coats)
Trim put up
Base boards installed
Furniture moved-futon to storage, crib out of storage, desk moved to new office, dresser/changing table moved.
New light fixture installed
Dimmer switch installed
Crib assembled
It is really amazing all that was done. I am really thankful for all the work my hubby put into this. I know he was REALLY tired after all this work, though he enjoyed working with his hands. I feel like our little girl's room is really becoming lovely. There are still things like a mattress and rocker to get. Of course now there is so much that can be done decorating. There are so many wonderful colors to work with, but am wanting to add more of a feminine touch. I am thinking some pink and florals ?! I would love any suggestions. Here are some pictures of our week. I didn't take any of the countless hours spent watching basketball, it IS March Madness after all and we have been enjoying all the amazing games.

B and Dad working on Crib assembly

Baby room phase 1 view from outside room

Baby Room view room view from inside roomB in his new office spaceB and I after watching KU win first round game. I am 27 weeks here.


Paprika said...

It looks so beautiful!! I can't wait to see it in person.

Gail said...

When can I come see it? Let's make our next hang out time at your house! It looks beautiful! Miss you.

mkneuman said...

What a beautiful space for your little girl! Very soothing. Of course I would encourage you toward pink and floral accents, but think who you're talking to :)

Doohickie said...

B and I after watching KU win first round game. I am 27 weeks here.

Some women glow with pregnancy. You are one of them. ;- )