Monday, March 23, 2009

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

I love shoes! My first part-time job (if you don't count babysitting for pennies) was at a chain shoe store and I loved the discount and the continuous shoe shopping. I hated the overwhelming odor of leathers and dyes. I am still convinced to this day that this is what made some of my fellow full-timers seem well....high. It is very possible that was going on outside work as well. I was too innocent to know. I love shoes, for so many different reasons. They can be spunky, comfortable, functional, sexy, colorful, chill. They really reflect personality. If $ was no issue, I'm not sure I'd be buying Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin. I can't imagine paying over $500 for a pair of shoes that are really more like an art piece. It's hard enough for me to spend over $50 on a pair of shoes, although I know that the shoes I love the most were over that price point. This is why shoe sales at Dillards make me grin from ear to ear. I haven't bought any shoes for quite some time (hubby might disagree on this one) so I am dreaming of that special shoe to add whimsy, and a spring step that would carry me into summer. I say dreaming because I need to save some $ and I am nervous about my feet growing during pregnancy. I suppose I could just buy a 1/2 size bigger? Hmmm.... Here are some shoes that I am loving right now.

These are practical, fun, eco-friendly: Keens I love my other keens and would love a 2nd pair. Here is another pair I really like: Keen Madrid

These are a cute pop of color, fun, probably comfortable: Born (pictured above) Hopefully, the foot bed wouldn't smell to high heaven after a few months of wear. It is the one downside of this brand.

I have seen that Spring styles this year include the gladiator and the platform, which I really can't get into. I do love a peep toe, but because of a broken big toe on my left foot it just looks like I am giving someone the bird with my foot when I wear them. Sigh...

What shoes are you loving, wishing for these days?


annaelyse said...
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annaelyse said...

those born's are SO you and the keen's are AWESOME! i' in dire need of some new shoes but can't find just the right pair. sigh. such is life!

Carolyn said...

Oh man, I'm really wishing for a pair of casual Pumas. I've been on a 3 months fast from new clothes or shoes, so it's been accompanied by a lot of dreaming and wish list making. :)