Saturday, May 30, 2009

3 weeks?!

I am 3 weeks out from our due date. I am getting really excited to hold our little girl! I must say though, I honestly haven't felt an urgency in her arrival. Sure I am tired, uncomfortable at times and feeling bigger by the day, but I feel really at peace about when she will come. The doctor said mid-week that he thought it would be a bit longer and thinks I have a 'really great attitude that will help me a ton'. I am feeling more and more tired, despite sleeping well at night. I am trying to embrace the opportunities I have to rest and nap now while I can. I am not feeling strong nesting tendencies, other than wanting to hire out someone to deep clean our home (I have no desire to do it myself!). I am really viewing this next 3 +/- weeks as a chance to rest, spend time with B, go to movies, to the pool, do things I want/need to do.

I guess I should take back what I said about nesting. I have been doing some of that. For me it manifests itself in creative endeavors. I have been making some hair clips for fun. Our 30 week ultrasound showed a head full of hair already, so I thought I should be prepared. I love fun hair accessories, so I made some fun, modern ones for our little one. I also finally completed a piece of art for Chloe's room. I really like it, I hope she will.

"Blooming" (the meaning of her name)

It is all very exciting and somewhat terrifying to know that in a few weeks we will have a tiny dependent little one in our care. B and I try not to get too freaked out about it, but there are times when it seems like a huge task. It is mostly my own selfishness that causes fear....I am afraid I will be sleep deprived, I am afraid I will lose my identity, I am afraid our marriage will become all about baby, etc...I know these fears are normal. My hope and prayer is that these things won't get in the way of enjoying the journey of becoming a parent. That I will be able to what I can, with God's help, and lean to Him in the transition.


Gail said... exciting! I love the artwork and the clips. You're gonna be such a fun mommy!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness - I am SO excited to watch you Bloom as a mommy - you will be wonderful!!! I love the meaning of Chole's name and all the ways you and B are loving her already. My phone is going to be on full charge for the next several weeks waiting for the big call. :)

mkneuman said...

Beautiful art :) I love to see how uniquely you are loving your sweet Chloe already. Can't wait until she joins us in the sunshine!

annaelyse said...

jenni. that is a beautiful painting. when life settles down (probably in a couple of years. ha) i'll have to commission you to do one like that for me!!